April Update

Hello Church,

It would be a shame for anyone who attends Kings Road Church to miss out on receiving these updates. In light of this I have made the letters accessible online. It can be found on the Youth & Children’s pages on the church website or via the link below. Isn’t technology is so clever!
I would love to hear what you think, so please feel free to e-mail me with your thoughts at m.doylekrc@gmail.com.

I just wanted to take the time to update you guys about the Easter break and all the events that we have taken part in.

Boys Camp

 We had an amazing time in the wonderful outdoors with the boys. I’m sure all will agree that it was a great experience but not without it’s challenges. The premise of the camp was to stretch the boys physically, mentally and spiritually and i’m sure many would say that it did.

Throughout the course of the night away we had various challenges to help the boys gain items to make their night more enjoyable.  The boys were in small teams and competed against one another to see who was the best survivor. Upon arrival we searched there bags for any illegal items which were not on the kit list I was amazed to find; a portable DVD player, a small box of coco pops and a few bars of chocolate. Obviously one boy had the wrong idea of a survival camp.

At the end of the camp all the boys seemed to have a greater appreciation for their creature comforts and all the luxuries they have at home. If the camp did anything it taught them to appreciate all that they have. We had some amazing help from some of the dads who without the camp could not have been the success it was. Not forgetting Steve and Hilda who let us use their land and where more then amazing hosts.

We made fires, built shelters and spit roasted 2 rabbits and 1 chicken; Life couldn’t be better. We got to experience army ration packs skinning a rabbit and having the satisfaction that comes from cooking over our own fire.

We had some time to spend listening to God and although the boys perhaps didn’t take it as seriously as i hoped, God showed up in the strangest of places throughout the camp.

One particular example happened when the boys were settling into bed. One boy was struggling with bad growing pains in his leg. They were keeping him up so i prayed with him that God would take the pain away and He did. While saying goodnight to the rest we had great conversations about faith. This showed me that God should not and can not be put in a box he can work in any moment and whenever he wants.

The boys were amazing and triumphed over personal hurdles. One boy did particularity well because when he received a knock he got back on the horse and overcame it. They all deserve a big well done.

Easter Inter-Church Holiday Club

 The Easter Holiday club was another highlight of the Easter break and it was great to work alongside some of the other churches in the town. Myself and Adrian (NBC Youth Worker) where dressed up on the stage leading things from upfront and drama(basically being clowns), while others where running messy games, crafts and small groups.

I made a gunge tank which was great fun although i will never use flour and water ever again. It took me two showers and a bath to get it all out. Fortunately, everyone else just got water and not the homemade gunge.

The holiday club was also another opportunity to build better relationships with Ashlyns school and increased the link between the churches and the school.

We saw on average between 70 and 80 children everyday and taught them about Peter, Simon and Timothy. Picking out theme’s of Never too many mistakes, Never too ordinary and Never too Young.

The hope is that for all those that don’t know the saving truth of the Gospel they will encounter Jesus and give there lives over to him.

All those that helped/attended loved it and it was great fun.

Promise Auction

 A big thank you goes to all those involved in the promise auction. Lisa H for organizing it and also Nikki K who organised the bring and share lunch, which are always a blessing. We managed to raise a grand total of £727. Which will be split between the Hospice and Soul Survivor.With all the money i have raised  I will now be able to pay for another  3 young people to go to Soul Survivor. GET IN!!

Slum Survivor

 As Refract we will be running slum survivor from 1-3rd May.

Slum Survivor is a simulation experience designed to help young people connect with the lives of some of the worlds poorest.

By spending a few days the way a billion spend a lifetime, living in a temporary shelter, eating a limited diet and facing tough challenges and choices it’s possible to both raise funds and awareness of the poverty and people that live in the world’s slums

We have a just giving page which can be access via the link below if you would like to sponsor us.



Prayer Points:

  • Prayer that the impact of the Boys Camp won’t be lost and that all the seed’s sown from the various conversations will begin to grow.
  • Prayer that the Holiday Club had a positive impact and that the children are daily reminded about the lessons they learnt and about God.
  • Prayer fro Slum Survivor, that we raise a decent amount of money and also that the hearts of the young people begin to soften as we lead up to the event.
  • Prayer that we continue to get young people interested in Soul Survivor.




March Update

Hello Church,

It would be a shame for anyone who attends Kings Road Church to miss out on receiving these updates. In light of this I have made the letters accessible online. It can be found on the Youth & Children’s pages on the church website or via the link below. Isn’t technology is so clever!
I would love to hear what you think, so please feel free to e-mail me with your thoughts at m.doylekrc@gmail.com.



Engage has been running for a while now and is pretty well established; with a group of around 10 young people. 90% of the young people that attend are from our Friday night youth group so it is great to see them being involved in a more church groups.
We have been working our way through a series called; The Experiments. It is an experience based learning course which gets young people to live out a challenge throughout the week, which is then discussed the following session. The hope is that they will be learning from their experiences as oppose to experiencing something from learning. It has been a great time with deep discussions and we are seeing hearts soften towards the gospel.

One of our young people called Kay, gave her life at a Soul Survivor evening service in January and we are praying to see the rest of the group start their journey’s with God too.

Friday Night Drop-In

The Friday Night drop-in has varied a lot over the past few months. The young people we are working with are growing up and many of them will be off to university at the end of the school year. This is an exciting time for them but also proposes many challenges for us as we try to tailor the group to suit they’re growing needs. The dynamics of the group is changing and therefore it is going under constant evaluation.

We held out first youth Gig Night on 13th February. It was a lot of work setting it up and we want to thank all the support we received from those in the church. A special thanks goes to Simon Nicolle who set up all the amazing lighting and Paul Cusack who was a wizz with the PA.
In total, we had around 80 people turn up and raised £150 from ticket sales. All that attended seemed very keen to do another one and I have received excellent feedback from all of them. We have set a date for the next one and are very excited for it; It will be on 22nd May. I have also had a lot more input from the young people who want to help plan the next one.


We have a few exciting events coming up in the next few months. We are running Slum Survivor which is a simulated experience of living in poverty, to give the young people some perspective of the privileged lives they lead. The young people will be building their “houses” they will be eating a basic diet of rice and beans and will have no luxuries for a whole weekend. There will be various challenges they will be involved in and will be required to raise funds for a cause.
Keep your eyes peeled for these sponsorship forms.

We are also taking our kids to Soul Survivor. For many young Christians Soul Survivor has played a vital role in their growth and development as a young Christian. Both Gabi and myself attended Soul as young people and have been greatly blessed through it. The cost of the week is £150 which covers all their costs. Gabi and I really want the young people we work with to come!
We will be doing fundraising between now and August to help raise funds for them to go. Many of them are not from Christian homes and therefore the idea of spending that much money on a Christian event seems crazy. We are wanting to help as much as we can with the funds so that some to go and would love your support. If you would like to give towards someone’s ticket then please contact me.


For a while now I have felt that the children’s work is in need of direction and a clear strategy, so that we can make the best use of our resources and pursue what God is doing within the Children.
I was asked to send someone a brief paragraph describing the children work at KRC. Through this I was provided with a unique opportunity to share my heart and what I what I feel God is wanting to do.

Here is what I wrote;

“At Kings Road Church we have a growing children’s ministry with an incredible team of volunteers. Our heart is to build solid foundations in the children as they embark on their journey’s of faith. Teaching them biblical truths to empower them to live lives committed and in love with God.”

This is my hope and prayer for the children’s work and a step towards pursuing God within all that we do with the children.

Kids Church

At Kids Church we have had a lot of fun working our way through the book of Colossians. The kids are an amazing bunch, capable of wrestling with mature things. They have surprised me many times with their feedback and they have been a great bunch to get to know.
In the past Kids church has always had a tuck shop where we have sold sweets to the kids. The kids have obviously loved the little tuck shop but both Gabi and I at times have felt uncomfortable with selling things to the kids on a Sunday morning, we feel it is neither the time or place to be doing this. Hardly any profit was ever made from these sweets but nevertheless, we have stopped selling sweets.
We will still be giving out sweets and treats from time to time but whenever we do so it will be free.

Sunday Morning

We had a great meeting about the Sunday morning children’s work on 4th March and everyone involved was able to share their thoughts, worries and concerns regarding the children’s work on a Sunday morning. Along with this they also shared many positive points which were a great source of encouragement.
We had this meeting so that as a team we would all be on the same page and be united on a Sunday morning. We want to continue to refine and better the work we do and this was a great first step towards that.

Holiday Club

In Easter we will be running an inter-church Holiday club at Ashlyns School on 14-16th April from 10-12.30pm. It is for years 1-6 and will be a free event and will be great fun. We are in desperate need of some volunteers from church to help out in various areas on the day. I have a small form for you to fill out if you are wishing to help out. However if you are wishing to attend then there will be flyers out the back by the welcome table with a short rsvp.

  • Prayer that those young people on Wednesday night come to faith and enter into relationship with God.
  • Thank God for the volunteers we already have but pray that we get more volunteer support in all areas of the youth and children’s work.
  • Pray for guidance with regards to the Children’s work so that we are following what is on God’s heart.
  • Pray for the funds so we can take some young people to Soul Survivor.
  • Prayer that deeper levels of relationship with blossom among the youth and children.
  • Prayer that we will see a greater youth involvement in the life of the church.
  • That God will give me wisdom when leading the Youth and Children’s work so that we can be as effective as possible.

November Update Letter

Hello Church,

Having been in the full swing of my role as Youth and Children’s worker for about two months now, i thought i would update you all on some of the things that have been going on.  There are some very exciting things that are begining to build momentum and i hope that you are all encouraged through hearing what God is doing in the Youth and Children’s work here at Kings Road Church.

I am hoping to set up a Kings Road Church Blog which will be linked to the website so that you guys can constantly get an updated newsletter from me. Isn’t technology is so clever!


I would love to hear what you think, so please feel free to e-mail me with your thoughts at m.doylekrc@gmail.com.




Engage has changed alot over the last month. We have finished our teaching series on Identity, saw a healing and God has been speaking to them in amazing ways.

One perticular highlight over the past month has been a prophecy night. Without going into to much detail, this activity is designed to create an environment where the young people can encounter God and hear him speak to them personally. During my days at Moorlands while taking Gabi, i have a unique oppertunity to read and study. Through a few articles I read and thoughts i mused upon, i came to this conclusion;

“True faith in Jesus comes from a personal encounter with him”


I think we share the same heart in desiring  these young people to know Jesus! Although this idea was something i already knew and is something relatively straight forward, the importance of it only came about through my personal study. God spoke to me and challneged me to drop the idea that i needed to try and teach or reason them into a commitment with him, but instead allow him to work in them and for them to encounter him; So this is what we did.

It has shown amazing fruit and our new approach to Wednesday nights have seen Josh have his knees healed, 2 young people make commitments and a greater depth in Gabi and my personal relationship with them. They have felt more at home and shared deeper things abou thier lives.

Many of them are swaying further towards belief in God than the other way. We are really encouraged by this and hope that you are too.

Friday Night Drop-In

Drop-In has been going really well over the last month and has been great fun. My aim over this next season is to refine the group; I hope to improve what is already there.

Having good equipment will show the young people we are invested and value the time we spend together.

Ray managed to source some skate ramps for us which i managed to secure and set up a few nights. It was great to see the young people who are usually on the fringes get involved and it was a great medium for me to chat with them. I think it was a great experiment but upon reflection probably won’t put it up every week.

We have a great volunteer team who do a great job, but as the night goes on it can get quiet full. We could still really benefit from some help with manning the Friday nights, so if you are free please feel free to ask me more about it.


From the 7th-9th November as Refract we ran a weekend Away in Buckden Towers. This was really great fun. There were various sessions across the weekend, with a worship time and ministry at the end. We managed to get a guy from the Friday Night drop in to come along, which was a real encouragement. He would class his religious views as ‘Buddhist’ which raise very interesting debates about the Soul, Historicity of the Bible and The Love of God. He was really inquisative and was a joy to have him along. He definately got alot from the weekend and i believe it planted a seed in him, one i hope to follow up on in the near future.

Soul Survivor preperations are underway again and we will be giving out letters and forms very shortly. I understand Soul Survivor can be a big expense but this year i really want to make a conscious effort to help as much as possible with funding some kids from the church and from Engage to go. I would love to do corporate fundraising events as a church for us to really show the supportive nature we as the body of Christ should have for one another. It will be great fun and if you have any ideas of fundraisers we can do then please dont hesitate to send them my way.


During one of the Engage meetings we gave out a ‘Where am i at?’ questionnaire which was designed to allow them to share thier deepest struggles etc with us. These have been really moving to read and also at times encouraging. On 16th November at the prayer meeting we prayed for each of these young people and thier issues. Out of this i have seen a real need for mentoring and discipleship amoungst the young men. Your prayers and help with this process will be really appreciated, these young guys need to know thier value and experience the love of God.



Kids Church

I have really enjoyed Kids Church the past month. I have loved getting to know the kids better and having a laugh with them.

I have really felt that it was right to explore different structures and layouts for our time spent together every other Sunday. I have a few now which all have given me good insight into the type of structure that would suit them best. I have tried to loosly emulate a Sunday morning’s structure so that when comes a time when the children become adult and leave kids church, they feel less alienated and lost within the way we do Sunday Mornings. The aim is to better integrate them into the wider body of the church.

This is still in the early stages and is still something i am experimenting with, but i am having fun doing so.

We had an amazing time of worship during Kids church on 15th November. I allowed time for the kids to take a pen and paper to write, draw and make anything for God. This was an alternate way of doing worhsip with Kids. They produced drawing, oragami, wrote prayers and produced biblically true prayers to God.

When it came to debrief the kids shared some of thier creations before we put them on the cross. I was amazed by the mature repsonses i got. Across all the ages there was a real genuine expression of worship which was beautiful; It was a great atmosphere to be in the midst of. I have encouraged the kids to try it at home, but being kids i have assumed it did not quiet make it’s way tothe parents. I would like to encourage you guys as parents to do this with your kids, you will be surprised by the outcome.

Sunday Morning

The Sunday morning children’s work has not had too much changed (well not yet). I have really enjoyed the time i have spent with the children and they make all the prep behind it worth while.

Splash will be continuing to work through the existing material provided by Scripture Union, which is a solid reliable rescource which has stood strong for years.

I have been on the hunt for a rescource that will work for Equip. I understand that it can be quiet intimidating to create a lesson plan out of nothing and using a resouce can make the whole process far less stressful for the volunteers. I have order some and look forward to seeing it in action.

This is an area of the children’s work that is in the most need of support and volunteers. This said three new volunteers have come onboard, which we are very greatful for- thanks! They are a great bunch of bright and enthusiastic children who deserve the best.

Please let me know if you are interested and we will see where we can accomodate you.


Further Reading

I did mention a good book which i have worked through,  i think it is a really valuable rescource for any christian parent. The book is by Rob Parson and is perfectly titled ‘Getting your kids through church without them ending up hating God’.

The title may be a mouthful but thw book definantely isn’t. The book doesn’t give you a 101 on parenting Godly children, nor does it give you the recipe for creating the next Pope. Instead, it highlights key attitude changes we need to be making if we are to raise our children to love God.

“This book is the best investment a Christian parent could make.”

Gavin Calver, National Director, British Youth for Christ.

Those of you who aren’t big readers like myself, this book is a joy to read and is easy! I have one copy for people to borrow or you can buy it on Amazon fairly cheaply.



  • Prayer that those young people on Wednesday night come to faith and enter into relationship with God.
  • Thank God for the volunteers we already have but pray that we get more volunteer support in all areas of the youth and children’s work.
  • Give me wisdom how to facilitate a mentoring strategy amongst the Children and Young people.
  • Prayer for the time i spend with children, that we may begin to build relationships with those i meet and that great fruit will come out of these relationships.
  • Prayer that we will see a greater youth involvement in the life of the church.
  • That God will give me wisdom when leading the Youth and Chidlren’s work so that we can be as effective as possible.